What Are Hangouts?

It's a technology created by Google that allows you to easily share with other people through Google+, YouTube and more. You can share your screen, your webcam and have up to 10 people on a hangout at once.

You can use it 100% free, and it even includes free apps to spice up your presentations. Click here for the official home page of Google Hangouts.

How To Attend...

You often get an invitation to sign up for a Google Hangout that will happen in the future. Then, shortly before the hangout begins you'll be sent to a web page - often a virtual "waiting room" - where as soon as the hangout starts you can join.

Some hangout invites will send you to the Youtube URL, others to the Google + profile hosting the hangout, and other hangouts still can be embedded live on a web page.

Who's Using Hangouts?

Musicians, Politicians, Artists, and marketers. Everyone who wants to distribute a message either to a few people privately or to many people publicly should consider a Hangout.

Some famous noteable examples of people who have used Hangouts: Barack Obama, The Dalai Lama, David Beckham, Steven Spilberg, and even famous marketers like Jason Fladlien have also seem excellent results with hangouts.

Need Help?

If you'd like to know more about how to use Google Hangouts as well as YouTube to expand your reach online, then check out Tube Method.

In this comprehensive training you'll discover exactly how to set up, run and generate buzz and results from your own Google Hangouts... as well as other little known features and benefits of using YouTube to help grow your online presence.

Upcoming Hangouts

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